Uhip's team rider Fanny Fridén has just released another horse into the pasture. The veterinarian on site has just completed the mandatory health check of the horses before leaving for Arezzo. Once in Arezzo, several weeks of full focus on horses and competition on the Toscana Tour await.


These are busy days. Fanny and the horses have just landed at the farm after spending the winter with trainer Helena Persson. The focus has been on groundwork and the fact that the devil lives in the details does not seem to bother the promising young rider.

- Sometimes you almost have to push her out on the arena, says Helena Fridén and looks at her daughter.

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17-year-old Fanny Fridén, who is part of the development squad in Sweden's junior national team, had a good year overall in 2022 with starts at Falsterbo, Stockholm Horse Show, and with a debut in 145 together with the mare Icole.
- It felt very good. It is "Kolan" that has been my top horse, says Fanny, and highlights the mare's qualities:

 - She is brilliant. When she jumps, it often looks like she can't jump much higher than she does, but she can. She knows precisely where the fences are and how much she needs to push. We have moved up in the classes and I still don't know where her maximum limit is, she is very confident, says Fanny.

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The team has been together for almost three years.

- She is my first big horse so it has also been natural to take it easy, says Fanny while she continues to pack for the departure to Arezzo. The pack includes Uhip's new competition tops, Technical Competition Halfzip White and Technical Competition SS Top White. A long-sleeved and short-sleeved competition top made of a quick-drying material that is perfect for intense competition days.

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Preparations for three weeks at the competition venue are in full swing. Fanny, who has juggled school, training, and extra work during the winter, is looking forward to the new experience. In addition to Icole, the team has two more horses in the truck: Julius-W and Unbreakable. The hope is to be able to debut higher classes with two of the horses, but Fanny emphasizes that there is no stress.

- We will see what the courses look like, you have to think of the future.

The goal for 2023 is to hopefully ride the Nordic Championship,, start a Nations Cup, and once again qualify for Falsterbo. 

- Then anything can happen, that's how it is with horses.